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The London Dance Company

Street Dance, Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance, Ballet, Mixed Styles Dance classes in Chiswick, West London

Why Exercise with us?

The London Dance Company is proud to present our School of Dance & Performing Arts in west London, Chiswick - providing high standard training with through a team of passionate well experienced teachers.

Train with our Creative Director and his team. Aaron has been teaching for over 10 years around the and internationally , workshops, classes and for his first competition team in 2011. After man
... y adventurous years Aaron and his team are now based in Chiswick presenting a wide range of fabulous classes every week in both Dance and Musical Theatre classes to students of all abilities for young aspiring artist.

The London Dance Company's School is in place to talented individuals with outstanding potential, opportunities to work with TOP national and international professionals and there's no long term contract, join us for one term or a whole year or even an entire decade, the choice is yours.

The London Dance Company is made up of a team of professionals all of whom have taught and worked for many years across the capital, and internationally. Changing the lives of aspiring artists for years and we hope to continue to do so in the North West of London. Having ran an elite team performance company in Chiswick we have created something new for those wishing to develop their training during the weekend. Our skills, knowledge and experience within the creative industry will enable them to progress towards a career in dance and performing arts should they choose to do so.

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DBS Insured By: AXA Insurance

DBS: Yes
Insured By: AXA Insurance

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